The Spindle closed-loop control the MACH3 carving electromechanical machine
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#1.With immediate effect, any collection customers of this shop, you shop any orders immediately minus 1. [Favorite Baby] [Collection of the shop] collection is complete click here to contact me: [Collection of the baby] [the shop] MACH2 / 3 Software ArtSoft company developed an ordinary PC-based CNC machine control software, and its control function is being recognized by the CNC enthusiasts around the world. Mach3 is a flexible software for machine tool design, it can control most of the connection between the milling machines, lathes and other machine tools, machine tools and run Mach3 computer through the parallel port of the computer, a simple machine is a parallel port to meet the requirements of complex the machine needs more IO ports. Mach3 input and output signals are binary digits (ie 0 and 1), the input signal is added to the input voltage through a parallel port, the output signal is the voltage on the output pins, the measurement of the voltage magnitude is the computer's 0 volt line baseline (0 V cable connectors 18-25 pins). 18-25 pins in parallel port is connected to the power supply next to 0 volts, all input and output signals of the computer on, if you have many long wires in the above connection, the computer is a greater input to the motor wire next to the work of the current, the wires will be connected to the parallel port above the current flows and produces a voltage, the voltage will interfere with the computer input and output signals and may lead to errors, and may even cause the computer to not work. Through the parallel port connection on the Mach3 on the axis and spindle drives are generally 30-240 volts, they can produce several amperes, the correct connection is not computer-generated damage, but will burn if there is a short-circuit computer motherboard bad, or even CD-ROM drive and hardware drives will be burned. The interface board for MACH parallel port NC software design and development, mainly to improve the interference immunity of signal transmission to ensure the operation of computers and software, input and output interfaces, and rich IO port function. Set spindle output port SETP PIN # P14 the STEP PORT 1 A photoelectric switches or other sensors can test the speed, if the encoder can use the INDEX signal, access to the input port on the CNC interface board installed in the spindle here to pick in the P12, with each of two parallel port. so PORT # Haniyasu 2, such as access to fill in every parallel port a To set the spindle in the spindle set up the interface signal output mode and closed loop control Spindle calibration test Spindle run when RPM spindle speed display Change the spindle speed, a speed control process. 0-10V analog port test Video: Copied into the address bar PC parallel port CNC software MACH2/3http :/ / Chinese technical support: http://www.machsupport.comhttp://www.kelinginc.netsupport support@kelinginc.netEMC2http :/ / www.linuxcnc .org/KCAM4http :/ / The foreign CNCDIY community The CNC community Related products Promotional price of ¥ 300 85BYGH450A stepper motor Promotional price of ¥ 460 The MACH3 EMC2 PUMP CNC interface card Promotional price of ¥ 668 MODIO_II MACH3 IO expansion relay # 1 Promotional price of ¥ 600 110 stepper motor drive (test) Promotional price of ¥ 126 Interface board KCAM4 set (EMC2 MACH3 KCAM4) I would also free here!


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